Experience the wonder of Santa

Balloon Antics is also the home of a phenomenal Santa in Melbourne. Our Santa will exceed your expectations in all ways. Every child that meets him goes away convinced of two things. One, that Santa is indeed real, and two, that they just met him. You’ll be impressed with the quality of his fully featured costume and will delight at his Santa character. When it comes to Santa from Balloon Antics, you can’t go wrong.


What’s so special about Balloon Antics’ Santa?

The amazing Santa from Balloon Antics establishes a wonderful dreamscape at your event, to entertain young and old alike. Our Santa arrives with an authentic appearance, and the signature Christmas bell. The pivotal role of Balloon Antics Santa is to create an environment full of merriment and gaiety. He has the utmost skill in spreading joy among your guests, especially children. We are glad to provide this service all over Melbourne and to meet all the needs and desires of clients. Balloon Antics Santa strives to give his best in terms of ‘gift giving’, ‘photo opportunities’, ‘meet & greet’ etc. Count on our lovely Santa to assist you with perfect bliss at every party. Santa from Balloon Antics is known for creating magical moments, that will linger in memories and hearts. The performer takes great pride in performing this special role as it is a passion for him.

The prodigious performance

Be charmed by the heart-warming performance that includes singing  authentic songs of Christmas, playing a range of interesting games where kids too can choose to play the part of Santa’s helper while enjoying quality time on his lap. Balloon Antics Santa is hard to forget as he asks silly questions of the guests to generate laughter and quality time at your event. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity of being together with Santa, and to travel a fascinating imaginary journey.

The pleasure of giving, lies within the core of the professionalism of Balloon Antics. It is what we strive to do, and we are experts in this field and initiate the utmost joy and memorable episodes of life.

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