Create a huge smile on the face of your guests as Balloonatic Bruce produces  wonderful balloon sculptures and exceptional entertainment for them. From captivating magic shows, marvelous modeling of colourful balloons to his hilarious antics.

Balloonatic Bruce will never disappoint you. He presents entertainment packages full of FUN!

Lots of fun for your next party

Balloonatic Bruce is a lovable, colourful, character who knows how to help children have fun. He really enjoys what he does and children recognise and appreciate this. You will love how he keeps them actively involved from the moment that he starts and the way that your birthday child is made to feel very special. It is really a heartwarming experience to see a child’s reaction to receiving an impressive balloon model and observe how their imagination gets stimulated. Their eager faces soon grow to be delighted ones when they get their fantastic creations. This is all possible with professional entertainer, Balloonatic Bruce.

For birthday parties, his performance is an original and unique blend of games, magic, storytelling and balloon models, specially tailored for your audience, that leaves them crying for more! And a very special mention must be made of Ally Kazam, the real, live, magic bunny. Witness the amazement on the children’s faces as Ally turns from a rabbit, into a balloon, and then back into a rabbit again right in front of their eyes! Actually everyone is amazed, not just the children. These shows build up magical memories, that will last forever.

His jovial fun changes moods

Balloon Antics is also ready for entertaining at your corporate function

Whether you are organising:

Be assured that you will be very satisfied with the results. For any such events, Balloonatic Bruce will:

With his extensive experience of various events, he will make certain that his performance grabs attention and produces a lasting impact.

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