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Balloon modeling is the art of modeling and twisting balloons to make various shapes, figures and objects. It’s an art form in its own right, and though it may look and sound easy, but by all means it’s not. It’s difficult and complex art to learn and master. The numbers of shapes and figures that can emerge out of some flimsy balloons are endless and are only limited by the magician’s imagination. Balloon modelers in Melbourne are masters of their craft.

The balloons used in modeling are quite different than the normal balloons kids generally play with. They come in huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors that will intrigue and spark your creative side. Most commonly used balloon in this trade is of 260, that is, it will be 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches long when fully inflated. You can also go with higher and larger sizes and with different exotic shapes. 

A talented and gifted balloon magician can make about any shape and figure out of balloons .The common shapes and figures are that of hats and boats in general but animal figures are also immensely popular. An expert balloon modeler has a unique talent for manipulating the balloons into just about any shape by bending, twisting and molding them. If you are looking for a talented and exceptional balloon modeler in Melbourne in Melbourne, go for Balloonatic Bruce. You won’t be disappointed.

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